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About This Course

This free course is offered by Udemy, created by Bjorn Säw

In the 8 Lessons of this course “Introduction to Spiritual Concepts and True self-nature” you will learn about the fundamentals of spirituality and how to apply this knowledge to your life.

What you will learn from this free Course?

Finding out Who you are, through direct inquiry and experience.

Learning how to distinguish your true Self from the Ego.

Realise how to act and speak from a selfless perspective.

Learning how to interact with others in communion.

You will learn to see how each of the six perspectives are an integral part of who you are.


Topics covered in the Course

Self inquiry – Who Am I?

Meditation – Tranquility and Insight.

Satsang – In the Company of Truth.

Service – Selfless Giving.

Submission – Surrender of self.

Communion – Together as One.


  • Be interested in Spiritual Freedom.
  • Bring your present conscious awareness.
  • Be inquisitive and curious.
  • Be humble and present.

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