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Only 3 Courses to Master Your Past, Present and Future. Take Ownership of Your Life and Become a Mastermind

Master Your Past and Unlock Your Memories

The Past Self Mastery Course allows you to unlock your memories, take ownership of your past and learn from your it.

Understand Your Personality

Present Self Mastery will help you discover your personality with the worlds most popular Personality Assessment.

Set and Achieve Your Life Goals

Future Self Mastery is designed to help you set and achieve your life goals in an efficient and effective manner.

Take Ownership of Your Life

Master Mind Flow team developed this revolutionary program to make sure you become the Mastermind of Your Life.

Gain Control of Your Life and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed! Take one decision to change the entire trajectory of your Future !

past present future program

Past Self Mastery Course

Resolve any Past Issues

Identify and organize your memories to help you see yourself in a new and positive light

Present Self Mastery Course

Transform Your Personality

Truly understand who you are as a person and how to use that knowledge in order to live a more fulfilling life

Future Self Mastery Course

Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Learn how to create a roadmap to your goal and identify the steps you need to take to achieve them

Full Self Mastery Course

Design the Life of Your Dreams

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Past Self Mastery – Did you know that reflecting on your past experiences has a number of substantial benefits? Jane Glaze found in her 2001 research that past reflection can transform and enrich your perspective and deepen understanding of your lived experiences. Past reflection is a great exercise to learn from your mistakes, increase the degree of gratitude and overall happiness in the long term.

Past Self Mastery Course

Have you ever wondered how your current behavior or personality traits are a direct result of what you experienced in the past?

Well, psychologists know that they are, and they refer to this theory as “the past is the key to understanding the present.” This Past Self Mastery online course will help you understand the origins of who you are so that you can build on those foundations and better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Create a better understanding of who you are by learning from past and what is needed in order to make positive changes going forward.

past self mastery course

Benefits of Past Self Mastery Course

Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

By reflecting on your past you will uncover hidden within gifts that increases an authentic confidence in your abilities.

Resolve past issues and reduce anxiety

Analyzing and reflecting on your past experiences allows you to become aware of your thinking and behavior patterns.

Improved life quality and relationships

Increased happiness is a by-product of reflection. When you are willing to look at past mistakes, you are exercising your natural instinct to grow and develop.

Past Self Mastery Course Features

Foundation of Memory

Learn how the brain stores memory, how it changes over time and the most effective methods to organize our memories.

Past Reflection and Analysis

Get access to our past reflection and analysis tools that will help you make sense of your past experiences.

Extract Meaning from Your Past

Extract valuable lessons from your past and gain a fresh perspective to become a stronger, more resilient and wiser person

Customer Testimonial

The Past self mastery course allowed me to look at those past experiences that I was afraid of all my life. I looked at my memories from a different perspective and now I understand why these things happened to me. Also I found it therapeutic writing about these experiences without being judged or criticized. I’m extremely grateful for taking this course!

Angela (California) 

Present Self Mastery – Did you know that around 90% of people wish to change their personality ? Nathan Hudson discovered in his research that some people want to change due to extrinsic reasons in order to accomplish a goal (e.g. improve academic performance; develop career; enhance financial situation). Others have intrinsic motivations and want to develop their personality as self-improvement. In those cases where individuals manage to successfully transform their personality, they report a heightened sense of well-being, boosted self-esteem and mental health.

Present Self Mastery Course

Present Self Mastery will help you discover your personality and everything about it: your strengths, weaknesses, motivations and desires.

It’s an in-depth examination of the 5 most crucial Personality traits. After taking Present Self Mastery course, you’ll be able to use that knowledge to make better decisions about life goals, relationships and career paths. 

You’ll gain a greater understanding of what makes you unique and how that can help you identify and pursue your passions. This course will also help you understand yourself better by examining your relationships with others, how you approach conflict, and how you prefer to work with others on projects.

present self mastery course

Benefits of Present Self Mastery Course

Discover your Passion and Potential

By testing your personality you get to uncover your hidden strengths and weaknesses. You ca use this knowledge to discover new passions and uncover your true potential.

Change your personality

When you assess and reflect on your personality you gain a realistic understanding of yourself. And realizing who you really are is the first step towards changing your personality and becoming your Ideal Self.

Increase self awareness and life satisfaction

Personality assessments can be transformative for the person who wants to gain insight into why they do what they do, especially if they have a long-term goal.

Present Self Mastery Course Features

Foundations of Personality

Learn about Personality and methods to transform your personality to become a stronger individual

Personality Assessment

Get the most efficient and popular personality assessment in the world (5 Big Traits) and discover who you really are

Self Analysis and Transformation

Transform your personality and become who you always aspired to be by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses

Customer Testimonial

I found the Present self mastery course interesting and insightful. The videos prepared me for the personality assessment so I knew what to expect completing the assessment. I discovered so much about my personality and how I can change to become more organized and optimistic. I was skeptical at first but now I’m happy I took this course. 

David (Germany)

Future self mastery – Did you know that 92% of all people worldwide will never achieve their goals? According to University of Scranton only 8% of people actually achieve their Big Life Goals. This is due to them having a clear plan and a defined set of actionable steps. Future Self Mastery Course can help you become part of the 8% of goal achievers.

Future Self Mastery Course

Setting and achieving goals is a process that can be difficult to do on your own. That’s where this online course comes in! Future Self Mastery is designed to help you set and achieve your biggest life goals in an efficient way. You will learn how to create a  5 – 10 year roadmap to your goal, identify the steps you need to take to achieve them, and find the motivation to keep going when the journey gets tough.

Future Self Mastery program will guide you step-by-step through the process of goal setting and achievement so that by the end of this course, you’ll have all of the tools needed to set up your own action plan and make it happen.

This course will also help you stay motivated and focused on your goal. It is perfect for people who want to accomplish something amazing with their lives but don’t know where or how to start.

future self mastery course

Benefits of Future Self Mastery Course

Take control of your Life and Future

Goals help you take control over your future. Without goals, you lack direction and strength to own your destiny. Empower yourself with this course achieve your life goals.

Become more productive

Setting goals provides the framework to make measurable progress. Monthly, quarterly and annual goals allows you to focus on your goals and be productive for your own well-being.

Better decision making and accountability

Goals help create better boundaries around your time, energy, and focus, which improves decision-making. Having goals gives you a clear framework to manage your time, energy and become accountable.

Future Self Mastery Course Features

Design Your Ideal Future

Make your dreams a reality by choosing the right goals for your future 3 to 10 years. Gain life changing insights.

Achieve Your Big Goals

No more procrastination, delays or failed attempts. Get this course and get ready to transform your life as your goals become real.

Materialize Your Ideas into Reality

Get a clear roadmap to achieving the biggest goals of your life. Find the motivation to continue no matter the challenges.

Customer Testimonial

This course changed my life! I have all my goals I would like to achieve in front of me and a concrete step by step plan how to get there. With every day I get close and closer to making my dreams real. Best investment into my future!

Maria (United Kingdom)


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Present Self Mastery

Personality Assessment (Test)
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Future Self Mastery

Achieve Your Goals
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What our customers say Testimonials

The best feeling in life is when you achieve something important every day. With every day I'm getting closer to my Life goal and I couldn't be more fulfilled.
Buying the Full life mastery program was the best decision I took this year. I enjoyed learning and writing about myself.
I had difficulty in accepting my past and the person I have become. But this program showed me everyone is battling their inner demons. And it's up to you if you are a victim or a mastermind.
My friends tell me that I have changed, I smile more, exercise almost every day, eat more healthy. Thanks to this program I finally chose a direction in my life and won't stop until I get there.
This course is not a magical pill that will end all your life's problems'. But it will give you much needed guidance and the motivation to get started. In order to change you have to work on yourself and stay consistent, but it's possible.
I enjoyed analyzing my past and writing about my core memories. Also I have selected the goals I would like to accomplish in the next 5 years. Hopefully this will work!

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