Building Relationships with 6 most important social skills

In this Guide we will explore the most important social skills to building relationships. This guide has 6 chapters and at the end of each chapter you will find practical advice you can use to improve your the quality of your relationships.

Better Relationship Skills

Do you feel like you could improve the relationship you have with your partner, friend and others for a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life


Conversation is a social skill we are required to have to achieve better results in our personal and professional lives and endeavors. It is also an Art and all forms of Art have their Masters. Yet to accomplish the level of mastery in the art of conversation you must be ready to learn communication and go beyond being a good communicator.


In this guide we will explore in depth Critical Thinking and various ways in which it can serve us in different aspects of our life.  Without a doubt Critical thinking can be used in all aspects of our modern life, but now it is even more important to familiarize ourselves with critical thinking strategies in order to be able to choose a path that benefits us the most, in business, education, life and all the way to a worldwide pandemic. 

Think like a Mastermind: Ultimate Guide to Thinking

The powered software of directed purposeful thinking in our heads is astonishingly more powerful than any of us thinks, as we shall witness in this article. For now let’s look into our toolbox and take out the tools that need to work together when we give thoughts to things.

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As we grow up, our brain grows with us and plays all kinds of tricks to make us feel better about ourselves. It’s very common that we end up making the same parenting mistakes that our parents did – even when we swore on our souls that we would never do it and would be completely different parents.

know your brain and enhance your memory

Memory is a fundamental part of human nature. It allows us to keep a record of our life experiences and the knowledge we learn. By forming a continuous movie-like sequence from now to the moment of our birth we maintain the concept of our identity. In this way, our memories can be seen as the foundation of our identity

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