Our Mission

About Master Mind Flow

Our Mission

Master Mind Flow was created with the intention to empower and liberate individuals from the stress and pressure of the modern world. We are living in a constantly changing world and we need skills to adapt to these changes as smoothly as possible. With every year technology gets us all more connected digitally while real life experiences and practical knowledge become more obsolete…. 

A group of individuals focused on creating something Valuable to you, your nearby circle and all the rest. We are dedicated to empowering you through knowledge, real life skills, information that you have to know and apply to your daily life in order to have a professional, physical, mental, spiritual and daily well-being.  


Master Mind Flow has the best resources available online on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, productivity, personal growth, skills and professional development.

Convenient on demand learning on the go

Our Courses are available from all devices (Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet). Just log in your account and learn.

Interactive Content

On mastermindflow.com you will find fun interactive quizzes, games and tests to have the most rewarding learning experience.

5 minute a day improvements

It might not sound like a lot, but 5 minute a day spent on improving yourself goes a long way in the long-term.

Practical tips in each lesson

Each lesson you receive is packed with verified research and practical tips to implement the skills you learn in your day to day life.

Become an Instructor

Are you a PhD, Masters or Certified Expert in any of the fields mentioned in our course categories ? Do you have advanced research abilities and writing skills ? Can you explain complex concepts in simple language and easy to remember style ? Do you enjoy helping people improve their daily lifes through practical knowledge ? If you answered yes to all of these questions, click the button below to contact us, and let's have a chat, we're always looking for talented individuals. Let's create something amazing !
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Awesome students
“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

Richard Buckminster Fuller

American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist.
“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

Abraham Maslow

American psychologist
“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

Brian Tracy

Author of over seventy books
“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.

Robin Sharma

Canadian writer,
We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.

Swami Vivekananda

Martha Stewart is an American retail businesswoman, writer, former model, and convicted felon.

This is our FAQ section. You will find all the answers to the frequently asked questions here.

Mastermindflow.com is an educational portal for the best online courses in the field of personality, skills and spiritual growth. Our courses are offering a variety of practical knowledge so you will not only learn theory but also how to use this information in your daily life. 

At this point all the courses created at MasterMindFlow are Free. Exceptions are our partners Certified courses which are either free partially or have a membership subscription. In order to get a certificate you might have to purchase it from the course developer. 

All the content on our website is researched and updated by trained academic staff for accuracy and clarity reasons. If you spot any errors in the content provided please let us know by sending us an email.

On our platform you will find 3 types of Courses, so you can select the most convenient way to learn. Email Courses are daily 5 minute lessons which are sent to your email inbox, but are also available on the website when you log in.

 Interactive Video Courses are a combination of different types of content(text, video, games, quizzes) that allow you to learn something new in a fun and interactive way.

Certified Courses are the courses offered by our partners website and recommended by us. If you decide to enroll you will be redirected to the platform that have created the course and offering professionally recognized certification. In case you would like to purchase the certificate after the completion of the course we might earn an affiliate commission.  

We maintain a strict policy for your data protection and we will never sell your data to any third-parties. Your privacy is important to us, that’s why we’re using the latest encryption technology to protect your account information. You can always delete the data from your account by visiting your Account Settings and clicking on Privacy. 

You can access your account by clicking on your account’s avatar icon from your phone or desktop. In your user dashboard you will see a list with all the courses you have completed or are in progress. 

By going to Account settings you can personalize your user account by selecting an Avatar icon. Also, you will find in there more ways to update your account. 

In your user dashboard you can view and remove courses from your wishlist, you add a course by visiting the main page of the course, the Wishlist button is near Enrol button. 

Your shopping cart has all the products you have added from our Shop but haven’t purchase them yet. You can either remove or proceed to checkout straight from your cart. 

We recommend to Enroll for one course at a time, this way the knowledge gained from one course will not mix up with the others. But if you want, you can sign up, for multiple courses. There is no limit on how many Certified courses you can have. 

If you want to recommend a topic for a online course for our consideration please email us from Contact us page with the subject line “Course Suggestion”

If you are an expert in a specific area of psychology, philosophy, biological sciences or other relevant areas, we would like to hear from you. Email us from the Contact Us page with subject line “Course Creator”