The path to self-discovery or self-fulfillment can be difficult for those without guidance or support from experienced tutors. That is why we have compiled the 8 best websites for personal development online courses with the most useful soft skills and personality development courses, with certifications.

These platforms give you the flexibility to work while upskilling. Therefore, you can improve your mental agility and develop skills such as tactical and creative thinking, speaking, problem-solving, and a variety of managerial skills.

When you invest in yourself in this manner, you can then reach your full potential.

We will briefly describe each of our listed learning platforms with their key features and pricing. While some of these platforms offer their courses for free, others do not.

So, you can pick a suitable online training platform from this list to begin your journey toward self-improvement.

If you’re ready, let’s begin.


EdX is an excellent choice for university-level training courses but also for a large variety of personal development courses. If your dream is to attend one of the world’s top universities but couldn’t attend for one reason or another, then edX is a great option for you.

The online platform offers high-grade courses from world-class universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, and Oxford, among others.

The courses are free and you can pay to receive a certificate, they are offered in multiple languages, including French, Chinese, English, and Spanish. The course materials include videos, essential case studies, and course discussions with assignments and group projects geared toward building your knowledge.

Key features:

  • Choose from over 3,000 courses offered by over 160 universities. You can learn almost anything on edX.
  • There are both singular courses and entire degree programs available online, including pre-Masters programs for graduate-level courses.
  • You can apply for financial aid if you are a low-income earner.
  • Free online courses are available. However, you will not receive any graded assignments or certificates for these courses.
  • Upgrade from free courses and get a certificate for fee.
  • Learning flexibility.


Since the edX courses are offered by different institutions in different countries, the fees vary. However, the paid verified track courses cost between $50 – $300, while Bachelor, Master, and Professional Education courses cost higher, between $10,000 $25,000.

2. Master Mind Flow

Master Mind Flow is a platform dedicated to helping learners achieve their personal development goals. Most of the courses on Master Mind Flow are free, they provide a good introduction to social skills development, productivity, memory development, parenting and much more.

But the best part about this platform is the most unique Life Mastery Program that consists of 3 courses: Past Self Mastery, Present Self Mastery and Future Self Mastery.

Master Mind Flow team developed this revolutionary program to make provide you with all the tools necessary for you to become the Mastermind of Your Life.

The Past Self Mastery Course provides and in depth analysis of your memories, you will take ownership of your past and learn wise lessons from your it.

Present Self Mastery will help you discover your personality with the worlds most popular Personality Assessment based on the 5 Big Personality Traits.

Future Self Mastery is the cherry on the pie, designed to help you set and achieve your life goals in an efficient and very organized manner. You will create a plan for your next 3 to 10 years and develop a system to make it happen.

Key features:

  • The platform fully focuses on self-improvement and growth.
  • Master Mind Flow offers the most comprehensive Life mastery program online
  • Quizzes to help your growth towards self-mastery.
  • Free courses are available with certificates.


No subscription. Most of the courses are free, visit the Life Mastery page to learn more about this program.

3.   MasterClass

What if you are promised an opportunity to be taught by your favorite celebrity on a topic they are famous for? Well, that is what MasterClass offers. The online streaming platform offers a world-class experience in developing hobbies and creativity. Therefore, it attracts celebrities and experts who wish to pass down their crafts, from photography to cooking skills.

You can learn songwriting from John Legend, cook with Gordon Ramsey, and plan your dream wedding with Mindy Weiss. You can even learn the tricks and techniques of Tennis from world-star, Serena Williams. Think about a truly unique platform.

Key features:

  • There are over 180 classes available in multiple bite-sized videos.
  • You can download course videos for offline access using your phone, TV, tablet, or computer.
  • Other learning methods and materials include assignments, workbooks, and practical activities.
  • There are no deadlines for classes, so you can learn at your comfort. However, no certificates are offered at the end of each class.
  • You can also link up with your other students on the platform.
  • There’s a 30-day subscription guarantee.


You can start with as low as $15/month (billed annually). Two other subscription options exist;

Duo: $20/month – allows for video downloads and simultaneous streaming on 2 devices.

Family: $23/month – allows simultaneous streaming on up to 6 devices.

4.   Mastermind

This e-learning platform is designed specifically for people who wish to create successful online mastermind businesses.

Thus, Mastermind features various professionals offering different courses for interested students, including ones on personal development and skill learning. It also features e-books, journals, and podcasts to enable you to reach your next level of self-growth through self-education.

Key features:

  • The platform is unique in that it promotes content creators, providing them with the needed resources to create and sell their content successfully.
  • Brand new courses are available every month. However, the platform does not give certifications.
  • Taking a course offered on the platform gives you access to a mastermind group that supports you in developing your personal and professional skills.
  • There’s a free 14-day trial option.
  • Free bonuses for new members after signup.


The platform charges $47 per month for membership. There’s also a $423 yearly plan (which saves you 25% of the monthly fee).

However, the different programs offered by experts come at different prices.

5.  Future Learn

FutureLearn is a digital platform that offers top-quality courses in partnership with over 260 leading international universities and organizations. It is perfect for company staff who choose to upskill and for career advancement. However, most of its partnering institutions are located in Europe.

Key features:

  • FutureLearn offers more than 1000 programs, including accredited online degrees, professional courses, micro-credentials, and short courses.
  • Free courses are available, though you can pay fees for course upgrades.
  • The paid courses come with certificates of participation.
  • Flexible learning.


FutureLearn charges £19.99 monthly and £189.99 annually for unlimited access to its platform. The premium courses vary in price.

6.  Udemy

Udemy is another digital platform fitted for career advancement and personal development. The over 200,000 courses offered on the platform cut across various fields, including personal development programs. They also come in up to 14 languages.

Key features:

  • Udemy offers courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • You can get some courses for free while you have lifetime access to paid courses.
  • You can also get major discounts for most of their courses.
  • Udemy certificates are widely recognized by many leading companies.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Udemy courses are affordable, with some going for as low as $20 and as high as

$200. The platform also has subscription plans.

7.  Khan Academy

Over a decade ago the nonprofit, Khan Academy, built its e-learning platform to offer free courses for all students. For example, you can take free math lessons to improve your analytical skills or learn personal finance.

Key features:

  • Designed for young learners from ages 2 to college age. However, anyone can access it.
  • It centers on US schools’ curriculum. However, it’s a well-rounded platform for anyone with a desire to learn.
  • Courses are totally free and self-paced.
  • Offers up to 51 languages.
  • Online classes with video content, assignments, and quizzes.
  • You can access lessons without creating an account.


Khan Academy charges zero fees.

8.    Coursera

Given its multiple online courses accredited by over 250 international universities and companies, Coursera is a leading e-learning platform. It provides quality tutoring by industry experts. Therefore, it is a good avenue for company staff to learn soft skills and receive professional certifications.

Key features:

  • Over 43,000 certified programs are available.
  • Unique teaching style different from other learning platforms.
  • Offers community forums for discussions and peer reviews.
  • Free course options and financial aid.


Program costs vary from $25 – $25,000. You can also subscribe monthly for $59 or annually for $399.

Final Thoughts

Personal development is a conscious commitment to personal growth and improving oneself. It involves dedicating time and resources towards self-improvement.

If you are looking for a serious change in your life, we would recommend to take a look at the Life Mastery program. It was developed by experts with the sole intention of taking your life to the next level.

By registering for one or more programs from any of our top 8 online training platforms, you get a step closer to achieving personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Start your journey today.